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Spine Innovations is the newly created spine subsidiary of FH ortho group. FH ortho group is a company specialized in orthopedic and spine which was first incorporated in 1964 in Mulhouse (France). Over the years, among other medical activities, FH ortho has become a major actor in France in the orthopedic surgery field. Since 2004, FH ortho group has started to implant its total disc replacement LP-ESP for lumbar levels during a clinical evaluation which led to CE mark in 2006. In 2012, the ESP disc in its cervical version called CP-ESP using the same technology obtained the CE mark.

Since 2014, a dedicated spine business unit has been created at FH ortho group in order to push marketing of both cervical and lumbar disc replacement. Now, the ESP discs are used in over 12 countries worldwide with significant growth until it reached 1 ESP disc implanted every 20 minutes in the world.

In 2020, the spine business unit of FH ortho is becoming more independent with the creation of a dedicated and focused subsidiary called Spine Innovations. An aggressive expansion plan with great new job opportunities is currently being built.

Spine Innovations is based in Mulhouse (France) and is aimed to become a leading actor in the total disc replacement worldwide market with its patented viscoelastic technology used in the ESP discs.

The ESP discs are considered as part of the third generation of total disc replacements available in the worldwide market. It allows surgeons to implant a device that mimics the natural disc with similar motion behavior.

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