LP-ESP – The lumbar prosthesis


The ESP prosthetic disc is the result of 10 years of collaborative research work at the Hôpital Pitié Salpêtrière in Paris, the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and the Université Paris VI, and was driven by the Oséo Innovation contest in France.

The disc consists of two titanium alloy end plates separated by a deformable core intended to allow natural disc movements.

The ESP prosthetic disc restores the mechanical properties of the intervertebral disc and in particular, its shock-absorbing properties.

  • Over 10 years of research and development
  • 10 years of follow up (since 2004)
  • 6° of freedom
  • Adaptive center of rotation
  • No surface bearing for an increased lifetime
  • Improved stability
  • shock absorbing
  • Designed to fit and restore patient lordosis

The LP-ESP prosthesis helps to reduce pain, restore the lumbar curvature and achieve near-normal disc function.

The stiffness of the deformable core resembles that of the native intervertebral discs. This stiffness is due to a flexible polycarbonate urethane cushion and a silicone nucleus loaded with compressible beads. This flexible cushion, attached to the two metal end plates, provides the disc with its shock-absorbing function and limits the release of particles into the body and the calcification of deformable parts.

– Low back pain due to lumbar disc disease that has not responded to conservative treatment
– Low back pain due to disc disease after treatment of herniated disc
– Lumbar radicular pain due to recurrence of disc herniation (other than extruded hernia)

The LP-ESP has spikes that ensure primary fixation to the vertebrae being treated. A hydroxyapatite coating over a rough, porous underlayer of T40 pure titanium allows for effective secondary fixation.

Ribs on the metal end plates transform the rotational movements between the two plates into compression and traction of the inner deformable core.

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